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Semiotics, media, cross-cultural and linguistic practice

References to and links to this website

Adami, E. 2014. Aesthetics in digital texts, beyond writing: A social semiotic multimodal framework, in Arlene, A. and Esther,B. ed(s). Multimodality in Writing. The state of the art in theory, methodology and pedagogy, Leiden: Brill,pp.43-62.Adami, E. 2014. What’s in a click? A social semiotic framework for the multimodal analysis of website interactivity. Visual Communication. 14(2),pp.133–153.Kress…

Reflective logs (semiotic and media)

The meaning of a text is usually combined with a certain grammatical rule through the vocabulary, or different visual words are combined to express the meaning. The meaning of the text will be affected by the register. All symbols should be presented through a Medium and Materiality in the end. Written text is not only…

Reflective log (Intercultural)

Cross-cultural communication is becoming more and more important in a rapidly developing society. As international students, we should keep an open mind. Try to avoid essentialism — to completely define and constrain people’s individual behaviors in the culture they live in, so that stereotypes become their essence (Holliday 2011). Essentialism may negate the agency and…

Reflective log (Multilingualism and Translanguaging )

In terms of Multilingualism and Translanguaging, I have experienced different languages depending on my identity or participation in activities. I will introduce my trajectory — through the language acquired in the trajectory of my life, through membership or participation in various socio-cultural Spaces (Spotti and Blommaert 2017). When I was a student in China, I…



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