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Welcome To Cross-Cultural Communication

Amazing experiences of different cultures

The Purpose Of This Website

The content of this website is mainly to introduce some cross-cultural knowledge to teenagers in different countries and the author’s experience as an international student. In the blogs section, the author publishes blogs about semiotics, media, cross-cultural and linguistic practices. These blogs, which combine knowledge and definition with personal cross-cultural experience, can provide valuable material for young people who want to gain insight into digital communication between different cultures. The digital text provides interactivity; They not only represent specific meanings but also enable “users” to take actions on specific sites to achieve specific results (Adami 2014).

Website Design

In the web design, this website adopts the simple style, the purpose is to make the content more obvious. In terms of color, the site is mostly themed around bright oranges and pinks. Because these two colors are very dynamic and in line with the target audience. The font size of the website is larger, which is better for teenagers to read and protect their eyes. This site uses images with international and learning themes to create a relaxing learning environment. This also reflects the authenticity and intimacy of the site.

In the Blog writing style, the site chose a relatively simple language to break the formal, serious article atmosphere, so more conducive to young people to read. Besides, there are pictures to read. In terms of shaping aesthetics, the multi-modal configuration of blogs connects blogs with the values existing in the society and expresses them as tastes, thus projecting a series of social characteristics onto the implied author and audience of blogs (Adami 2014).

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